Volg Charo

Charo Durán

Bolivian/Dutch artist

sings the beautiful folklore songs of South America, in Spanish and Dutch




In the 1970's lots of South Americans fled their countries, because of the unsafe environments due to dictatorships and civil wars, in search of a new and safer home in Europe. One Bolivian man ended up in Holland and found love in the capital Amsterdam.


As a child of two worlds, with a Bolivian father and a Dutch mother, Charo feels at home both everywhere and nowhere. In her search of her identity, she likes to travel the South American and European continent and loves to exchange experiences with people from other cultures. 


After Charo Durán graduated from the Musicaltheatre department of the Conservatory in the Netherlands, she eventually found what touches her heart and fits her like a glove: the South-American music she grew up with as a child.

Charo's journeys through South-America, inspired her to introduce her version of the rich musical tradition of the Latin continent, into The Netherlands and the Flamish part of Belgium. As a result of her stay in the beautiful forests of the Dordogne in France, she wrote her first solo performance "Como un río - Like a river".

She performed 'Como un río - Like a river' on many festivals, small theatres and private events.


Charo's second show 'Op zoek naar mi hogar - In search of my home' premiered in september 2016. She successfully performed this show on festivals, up until the birth of her son Maël in the beginning of 2017. For more information about her shows, please click here






'In search of mi hogar' 

Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in a very special world.

That world wasn't black or white, brown or yellow, but it was all the colors together.

That way everything was always one. Until she met someone

“I am everyone but you. Call me outside world. What do you see? What do you see

when you look into my eyes?” “Myself” the girl said. “But it's not real, because I'm no longer everything. I'm...brown” “That's correct. You are brown.” 

“But I want to go back home!” the girl screamed. 


And that's how my fairytale starts.


Where do you belong, where do you fit in, if you are too brown for one country

and too white for the other country

A modern fairytale about a girl from two worlds and her search of a new home.


Spoken and sung in Dutch and Spanish.




"Como un Río - Like a river" 

A personal show about being child of a Bolivian father. 

A father, in search of a better life, ending up in The Netherlands. 

Charo Durán takes you on a journey from Bolivia to Holland, with South-American songs, sung and spoken in Spanish, Dutch ánd Quechua.



The theatrical and musical show "Como un río - Like a river" is perfect for intimate settings like your own livingroom or salon. The length of the show varies between thirty and seventy minutes and can be adjusted as you wish.




06 - 22 19 00 32

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